What is Craft & Magic ?

Craft & Magic is a free multiplayer game with a wide range of equipments, weapons, different game modes and magic. Now it is in alpha testing mode.

Which languages will the game be localized into??

The game is localized into English and Russian

Can we expect new equipments? Skins? Maps?

Sure. We are planning to add new unique kinds of equipments, skins, maps, game modes and many other things.

Will there be clans and clan wars?


What are the immediate development plans?

In the near future we will add to the game a variety of fighting mechanics, a lot of different weapons and armor. We also plan to add interaction with the NPC and monsters.

How can I change my nickname while playing?

You can change your nickname in your profile box but only if your new name is not used by another player.

How can I purchase in-game items or currency?

We do not sell any in-game items till beta release