Craft & Magic is a game for those who love building and adventure as well as for explorers and warriors.

In Craft & Magic you build your island home in CreativeMode and simultaneously participate in battles against other players on PvP islands.

Our entire world consists of islands floating in the air, and is imbued with magic and secrets. There are lost lands and secret caves with unique resources. 


  • Free play mode
  • Total freedom of action
  • Play with a lot of other players from around the world
  • Making your own equipment
  • Search for unique resources
  • Create your own island from blocks, build amazing castles, unusual structures, blacksmiths and alchemy labs
  • Create unique weapons and armor suit for yourself
  • Amaze your friends.
  • Play from different devices and computers without losing your progress.
  • Our game is at the alpha testing stage, and we will gradually add more and more new features to it. At this time, you can build your own island, craft, and simultaneously obtain resources on PvP islands

Development Plans

  • New weapons and armor
  • Fight with the help of various abilities
  • Monsters and NPC
  • New PvP islands
  • New recipes for craft
  • Chat